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Top Trends of Men’s Waistcoat Set 2021 – Pairing Kurta & Waistcoat

Waistcoats normally are worn over your necktie and dress shirt below your coat. Generally, they are worn with formal attire, but they are also a vital part of three-piece business suits. A waistcoat can make the wearer look more stylish and professional. If you have a significant meeting, wearing a waistcoat may progress your overall confidence. A waistcoat paired with a tailored coat can certainly get you noticed.

Fashion trends come and go, but waistcoat set for men are everlastingly in trend all-season all through. It can be shabby in the summer as well as winter. Waistcoat goes well with all dress codes and junctures and ceremonies, not merely just the wedding. The waistcoat or Nehru jacket always adds style and class to the generally personality of men. The Men’s Waistcoat Set is much admired among our politicians as well.

The significant thing to remain in mind is selecting the right colour of a waistcoat and its material which can be teamed with malformed ethnic wear as it brings charm to the generally outfit. Check our video beyond as well as the description for the wide range of waistcoat kurta sets for men.

Printed Waistcoat and Plain Kurta Set

The printed waistcoat is forever in drift. You can go for the hard kurta pyjama team with a printed waistcoat. It gives you a delicate and fashionable look. The Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh has worn a floral printed waistcoat opposite with white kurta pyjama at the airport previous to his wedding reception. Also, observe Ranveer Singh Wedding Look Book sees Men’s Wedding Trends 2021.

Asymmetric Waistcoat and Kurta Set

You can never go wrong with the Asymmetric cut waistcoat balancing with kurta in plain contrast for any festive festivity. The asymmetric style is an ideal option for men to carry the relaxed or formal occasions as it gives a lot of individuality to your outfit.

Wedding Waistcoat with Kurta For Men

Thinking concerning is what to wear for your friend’s marriage? Go for the silk fabric Indo-western kurta paired with the similar colour waistcoat as well. It can be gaudy with zari or have weaving all over. You can also opt for the difference waistcoat over kurta for the time.

Plain Waistcoat Kurta Set For Men

You can opt for a plain waistcoat with altered types of kurta pyjama or Indo-western-like cowl style and asymmetric design. Keep it simple by matching the textures and fabrics of your apparel for a classy look. It is ideal for a casual get-together or ceremonies like birthday parties.

Designer Waistcoat Set For Men

There is many designer Men's Waistcoat Set which can be opposite with Indo- western or kurta pyjama for men on different occasion. Fabrics like raw silk, terry rayon, and silk are general for Indian occasions which are in trending nowadays.

DO opt for a knitted waistcoat

Somewhere among a waistcoat and a gilet, a knitted button-up jerkin will add some textural interest to a more informal furnish and is a good alternative if you want to look smart, but not too smart. Wear with some fashionable pleated trousers in a tonal shade, a deconstructed blazer that matches your trousers and a granddad shirt in a light hue.

Black kurta pyjama with the waistcoat

What next to do after import black kurta pyjama? Grab a waistcoat as it is becoming ever more popular, and we cannot avoid the fact that they offer an eye-catching look. This can be worn on formal as well as relaxed occasions. It’s not obligatory that you should wear a plain waistcoat; you can experiment with changed prints and designs of them. A striped or check red one might steal your heart.

Add a turban

If you are ready to try something new, pair up the kurta pyjama with a variation turban as it helps add a little strut to the sober look. Turban also goes well if you are attendance a wedding as a best man and these turbans also go well with kids’ kurta too.

Waistcoat wit traditional look

A coat is usually paired with a waistcoat of a related colour, but you can opt for a faintly altered shade for some contrast. The layering cause makes the whole outfit look a bit less boring and standard, too. Finish the look with a fitting tie and you are all set to amaze in your office meeting.

Waistcoat for office wear

If your office is more laid-back and relaxed, you can still pull off a stylish and stylish look with a waistcoat and a structured coat. Even lacking a coat, the waistcoat can previously upgrade a simple outfit and make you look specialized and more decent. A traditional cut waistcoat adds a fashionable touch to a basic pullover sweater, while a v-neck waistcoat mixes dapper with an expert style.

Fit is often the most significant aspect of a high-quality waistcoat. High armholes and a snug fit around the torso and shoulders are essential. To avoid looking like a waiter, go for fabrics like corduroy or tweed for winter, and whipcord or cotton for summer, and equivocate glossy fabrics that look gaudy in any lighting.


Make sure that your coat is neither too movable nor too tight. You would look much nicer with a well tailored coat that quietly hugs your waist and fits snugly along the shoulders and your arms. The length must be appropriate for your height, too. Have your tradition made coat by a skilled tailor so you can be sure that it fits you just right. A particularly tailored coat will look nice with your waistcoat. Such a garment can make you stand out as there is nothing else like it.

To know more about waistcoat contact with us. We have several ideas to style your waistcoat with Kurta and pyjama. Our team always ready to guide you a perfect pair for you that suits you.