15 Stylish Kurta Pyjama Designs for wedding and Party Wear You Must Try

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Explore Indian Men's Clothing 

Men's Indian clothing is distinguished by its use of beautiful rush fabrics, intricate embroideries and regal silhouettes. Like all Indian clothing, men's wear also, has a long and ethnically significant history. Many of the most accepted men's clothing items, such as the sherwani and the kurta, have very interesting stories behind their start and foreword into conformist Indian fashion. Over time, many magnificent innovations have been incorporated into men's garments. Today, Indian clothing for men is between the most sorts after around the world. Wearing traditional men's cultural wear is a great way of embracing the cultural tradition of India and still keeping up with the most recent fashion trends.

Buy Indian Men's Clothing Online

Royal Mags has a grand collection of men's garments online. We offer an extensive range of fabrics, designs, colours, cuts and silhouettes. From totally traditional outfits like an embroidered sherwani or a silk kurta pyjama, to local favorites like dhoti-kurtas, to indo-western trends like the Nehru Jacket, men will find a plethora of exciting Indian menswear in our list. Men can select among a range of different fabrics, such as cotton, silk, velvet, georgette, and rayon, as well as special kinds of traditional designs and patterns. 

Along with magnificent Indian men’s clothing, we too offer different ethnic accessories at Royal Mags. These are particular pieces destined for men's use. Many of them are customary and carry some kind of spiritual implication, such as the turban, zari and kalingi. Other men's wear like dupattas, are trend accessories which can be used to jazz up informal wear kurtas as well as fancy sherwanis.

Special types of Party and Casual Wear Kurta Pyjamas

Hyderabadi: This stylish Hyderabadi established wear is fit for small gatherings and poojas. Its key characteristic is the complicated thread work around the collars, which gives the men's kurta a neat look.

Punjabi: Usually worn by Punjabis, this men’s kurta pyjama style is fashionable in India. The Punjabi kurta comes down to the knees as well as is made with a straight-cut design. It is perfect for casual, daily wear.

Lucknowi: The Lucknow kurta is very light in weight and famed worldwide for its outstanding chikan sewing. Lucknowi kurta is the outfit of Nawabs and makes for chic party wear.

Sherwani Style Kurta Pyjama: Sherwani is the mainly popular, designer kurta pyjama wedding attire in India. What makes it a preferred among men is its royal and graceful look. Sherwani comes in many special designs and colours and is mostly worn by grooms. The tight churidar pyjama for men harmonizes sherwani in the most charming way probable.

Kalidar Kurta Pyjama: These kurta for men are a bit spendthrift with their frock-like design. They are made using special materials like cotton, linen, and silk. You can wear these gorgeous kurtas at any party or occasion and become the talk of the town.

Pathani Kurta Pyjama: These kurtas are usually worn by North Indian People and Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Pathani Kurtas, along with Patiala pyjamas, is a dominant combination that looks gorgeous on Indian men.

All these kind of kurta pyjamas are willingly available to everyone these days. Shopping for men's kurta pyjama online is the top way to purchase your favourite outfits for casual and party wear occasions. Want to try out this traditional Indian Men's Clothing? 

Kurta Pyjama: For Casual wear Occasion

Kurta Pyjama:- For Party Wear Occasion

To rock desi trend at a party with least efforts, follow these fashion rules, and suit a fashionista.

Tight Fit Pyjamas

Parties are spaces where you have to forfeit a little ease and pay attention to your facade. Replace your wobbly pyjamas with sleek and tight-fitted ones.

Be a little creative

originality is the key to a mind-blowing team. You can pair your kurtas with jeans and khaki pants to spice things up. You can also sport printed pants which give a funky and teasing look to your outfit.

Add a touch of elegance

Nehru jacket is the most stylish attire to pair with kurta pyjamas. Keep in mind that your jacket should be well-coordinated with your outfit, or it might drop its elegance.

Pick colours carefully

If you are presence a day party, wearing vibrant and shimmery colours will look like a trend disaster. On the other hand, wearing temperate colours to a night party will not be impactful or remarkable. Dress according to the occurrence and pick kurtas that complement the event's delicateness.

Shoes are essential

Wearing sports, or official shoes with kurta pyjamas is the nastiest kind of fashion disaster. If you are wearing customary kurta pyjamas, then your footwear should also be typical. Wear traditional juttis or kolhapuri with Kurta Pyjamas to make a astonishing appearance at a party. If you are tiring jeans or pants with your kurta, pair it up with cuff boots or loafers.


Do not go over the top with your trimmings as traditional, party wear kurtas have enough sewing and decoration on them. You can wear a easy pearl necklace and men's bracelet or even a gold chain to go with your outfit.

Kurta Pyjama is the ethnic wear for a man which suits the greatest on Indian men. You can effortlessly buy mens kurta pyjama online and turn heads at every party and event. Do not stay limited to westernized style, and try out the treasure trove of Indian trend now!