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Men's Kurta churidar designs to style in Different Occasion

The new daybreak of 2021 with the new normal, promises to be more festive and happy than the last year. Whether you are planning a get-to-gather with your relatives or have a small outing, you’re on-point style should forever be worth flaunting on social media. These days, you can simply find multiple options of stylish kurta designs for men on altered shopping platforms.

From intermittent wear to informal wear men’s kurta designs, brands today are experimenting with various silhouettes and drapes. The ease, comfort, and confidence of a kurta make it the wonderful ceremonial choice for men!

There is a plethora of stunning embroidery and fabric choices in Kurta design for men. Though, it is important to select the right kurta that suits your style and taste. Whether you opt to wear the kurta with a pair of usual churidars or you want to do it with jeans, we’ve some uber-cool options for you to butcher that kurta look.

Suave Style in a Sherwani Kurta for Diwali:

Radiate desi feelings in a Sherwani kurta. This style of kurta, made from thicker fabric will turn the heads towards you.

Wearing a sharp high-point shouldered Sherwani kurta is precisely what you need to slay a dapper-style statement.

We love this men’s kurta in chic and fixed neutral shades for a chic appeal. You can opt for a rosy fawn sherwani kurta, with a stitch-lines texture to look like a hero of a Bollywood movie!

Chic Looks in a Chikankari Kurta Churidar for Holi:

This super stylish chikankari kurta design for men is forever a hit. If you want a elegant and sober look in soft eggshell or pastel shades, then this is the method just for you!

A charming flush pink or frosty pale blue color for a chikankari kurta will make a great style statement for you. Also, it will add a rush of color to your closet and flaunt your style in this inheritance textile.

Niche Fashion in a Neon Kurta Churidar for Durga Puja:

Go vivid with this eccentrically chic kurta design for men. Donning brilliant neon colors will offer a bold and fashionable option to the persons who love displaying off their flair for fashion.

You can opt for a pink neon or bright green colored kurta in khadi or Matka fabric, to be in melody with the latest kurta design for men.

Go precursor with your neon look and select to trial with your style by picking a neon kurta in a draped or an asymmetric outline. This will add a constituent to your previously unique kurta design for men, giving you an uber-chic and great fashion plea.

Winsome Appearance in a White Kurta Churidar for Ganesh Puja:

New white kurta designs are all the fury taking over the wedding and formal fashion landscapes this season! Cool, suave, and smart all-white head-to-toe look makes a speech like no other. White is the ideal color for spring/summer to beat the hot heat of outdoor events with sleek and crunchy style cotton or linen kurta.

Our Style: Decorate your all-white kurta look with a classic watch or some gorgeous pocket square in case you want to add charm and allure to your style. Also, you can change your buttons to gold, and opt for gold-rimmed eyeglasses, or wear a pair of light gold jutes to entire your smart look.

Suave Looks in a Short Kurta for Christmas:

Here’s another informal kurta type for men fanatical with summer period fundamentals! A short cotton kurta is indisputably the fashion enthusiasm of the period when it comes to flawless spring-summer style. Most kurtas for men have a desi plea to them, but this is a kind where you can unite indo-western influences, curating an outfit that is modern and exclusive.

After all, a short kurta has the plea of a customary men’s shirt with the omission that the kurta shirt has a Nehru collar and is customarily made in fabrics such as khadi, Matka, linen, etc.

Our Style: A short kurta gives you an exceptional opportunity to add a section of interest to your smart and informal office wear. You can don a cool white short kurta rather than a usual white shirt, combining it with tapered pants for a more official allure. You can convert this casual look into a more proper one by adding a blazer to it.

Magnificent Panache in a Mirror Kurta Churidar for Party:

Are you looking for sparkly and shimmery kurta churidar styles for men? Then here’s a typical look for a desi party. You can select a kurta that features gleaming mirror embroidery to draw attention in all the right ways.

If you are going to a high-octane occurrence like a wedding festivity, try adding a neon blue or neon pink pagdi to your outfit to give it an added stroke of color. Make sure that it is a simple and sober pagdi, without any sort of embellishments, but created in a fashionable and luxe material like Chanderi.

Dapper Dressing in a Draped Kurta Churidar for Navaratri:

Popularised by ace Indian menswear designers like Raghavendra Rathore & Shantanu & Nikhil, the draped kurta design for men has gained huge popularity, and become effortlessly nearby all thanks to more mass retailers.

This style of kurta features a famous fabric drape as an important style constituent. The draped kurta comes in the form of folds, cowls, or even bias-cut panels in the designs. This chic and elegant desi wear choice for men would be a complete winner in your books!


Pick a draped kurta with a cowl, turning them up at the edge, all the way to the shoulder. Team it up with a crunchy and well-tailored bandh-gala jacket on top. Voila! You are prepared to slay your ceremonial style that radiates enormous panache and an undoubted high-fashion petition.

We hope our options will assist you achieve stunning looks that comprise a chic kurta design for men. Don’t be uncertain to stand out from the crowd and be bold and experimenting once in a while. But also do not forget to stay true to your soothe in style!